Does green tea really make you lose weight?

While visiting the Longjing Tea Village in Hangzhou last year, one of the tea villagers described how the green tea possibly helps with weight loss.

Many fats are consumed in the modern diet daily, many of which are absorbed by the body to be stored. The green tea helps with the removal of excess fats in the diets, allowing the body to absorb just the right amount. Without the excess fats being packed into storage around the body, one certainly doesn’t gain much weight.

The high concentration of polyphenols in green tea help increase metabolism. Increased metabolism = increased energy use = excess energy stores become utilised = lose a little weight.

As a medical student having lead a rather sedentary lifestyle for the past 2½ years, I gained some extra unwanted pads of fat in my abdominal region. Within a month of drinking Longjing green tea 2-3 times a week, I lost quite a bit of it. I felt rather impressed.

The answer: yes, green tea provides a nice helper-hand in weight loss and weight management. And it’ll only help if it’s green tea of good quality. Consuming the tea along with eating a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle are also very necessary for proper weight loss (and good health, generally)! It would be silly to believe that green tea alone would do the trick.

  1. I’ve read this before, but have no idea about any of the specifics of it. Is it better if the tea is warm or does it matter if it’s cold? Same with instant vs. leaves vs. bottled?

    • I’m not entirely sure if hot or cold make a difference in the efficacy of the green tea’s function. I do know that boiling hot is usually too hot and may destroy some of the properties of the leaves. As for instant vs. leaves vs. bottled, leaves are by far the best. I was told by the tea leaves pickers that they usually send the worst of the leaves to companies who bag them and sell them…so the instant tends to be those unwanted bad leaves so they’re nutritional content tends to be minimal. As for bottled green tea, I’m not entirely sure how each company makes their brand of bottled green tea but they add extra ingredients sometimes which may or may not be beneficial to health (like sweeteners)…I won’t know what they make their bottled green teas from either.

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