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What goes in, must come out

A good full body detoxification will help cleanse the body of chemical toxins and undigested waste. The advantages of cleansing your internal environment, I’ve mentioned before and remain limitless. The “feel good” refreshment you feel afterwards is unlike any other. It’s much the same for ridding your body of unwanted, undigested food products.

Colon cancer is becoming increasingly common. Our colon backs up tons of waste every day from the tons of food we eat! We eat 3 full meals a day…will 1 bowel movement be enough to get rid of the excess foods our body doesn’t absorb? Some people don’t even have a bowel movement every day. And when we do have one, do you think the waste slips right out? Honestly, some of it still remains stuck along the walls of the colon. Ew. Don’t worry. A good deal of fibre and cleansing will help solve that problem. Colon hydrotherapy is also another route to take, but this isn’t recommended for all persons.

If you’ve been doing a good cleanse, then you should have frequent bowel movements. Not only does it give your colon a spring cleaning of sorts, you may also find that you lose a couple of pounds. Undigested waste tends to pack together like sardines in a tin and can harden like the faecal matter it is if we don’t consume enough fibre and water (or have water malabsorption in the large intestine). As a result, a lot of it can be stored in the colon in the constipated individual…or the individual who just doesn’t go at least once a day. Faecal matter becomes heavy and can end up adding a few extra unwanted pounds. Have you ever picked up after a dog? Doggies don’t exactly have feather-light poop. Ours isn’t much different.

So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and find a good cleansing programme! Now you have another reason to do one. Of course, never forget that the importance of a general cleanse is to rid the body of excess toxins and help rebalance the organ systems for our general health and well-being. Doing the occasional cleanse a few times a year is a good way to maintain your health and reduce the possibility of disease occurrence.


Liver & Gallbladder Detoxification

The holiday season calls for many things: lots of shopping, lots of wrapping, as well as, lots of eating and, for some people, lots of alcohol. For the removal of toxic waste build up in the most important organ of our body, the liver, a liver & gallbladder cleanse may be in order. That’s not to say that this cleanse is to be done only after the Christmas/New Year season when we wine, dine and have fun to our heart’s content but it would be a wonderful way to kick off the new year!

The liver & gallbladder cleanse is used to cleanse and flush toxins from the liver and eliminate gallstones and biliary sludge from within the gallbladder. The liver is the most incredible organ in the body (next to the brain) because it constantly filtering, detoxifying, synthesizing and processing a myriad of physiological substances. With all the work going on in the liver, it too can have a build up of waste which is produced from the many processes. Of course, the degree to which your liver needs to be cleansed always depends on your eating and drinking habits as well as your environment.

Who should do this cleanse?

  • anyone interested in disease prevention
  • people with chronic allergies and chronic diseases (such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis, migraines, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.)
  • people with chronic fatigue, low moods and weight changes (the liver helps maintain your metabolism)
  • people who have taken many pharmaceutical drugs
  • people with sluggish liver function
  • people who live or work in an area of high industrial pollution or work with toxic materials
  • people who have had a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
  • people who have gallstones

Before starting this cleanse, be sure to prep yourself for it. If you’re currently on any prescription medications, talk to your doctor before starting the cleanse because it’ll be best if you don’t take any when you do the detoxification. It’s recommended that you consume vegetables, fruits, cereals and little cooked foods (with little to no cooking fats) on the day you intend to start the cleanse unless you are already on an individualised cleansing diet.

What you’ll need:

  1. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar will act as a solvent in the bile. The apple cider vinegar used should be whole, unprocessed and organic.
  2. 4 Tablespoons Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) relaxes smooth muscles so that stones can pass without spasms.
  3. ½ Cup Olive Oil (Extra Virgin is best, Virgin will do as well) stimulates the gallbladder and bile duct to contract, expelling stones and other solid wastes stores in the liver and gallbladder.
  4. 1 Large/2 Small Grapefruit (Pink grapefruit emulsifies with oil better but regular will work as well) helps prevent/minimise nausea by speeding the transit of olive oil through the stomach and into the duodenum.

The Procedure (5 days):

Cleansing & Detoxification

What are you up to this holiday season? Family dinners? Travelling?

Usually, I like to be travelling (preferably to somewhere cold since I live in the tropics) during my Christmas vacation. This year, since I’m not, I’ll be staying home to do a nice weekend fast and cleanse. Every now and then, maybe every three to four months, it’s important to give your body a cleanse, even if you live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a good cleanse can be the start of a healthy lifestyle. An occasional flush of toxins ensures the optimal function of your body. After all, Very few people are so disciplined as to retain a strict vegan diet. People eat meats and fish, filled with nutrients as well as toxins. People may have the occasional unhealthy snack…maybe a little chocolate, maybe a few cookies. How many of us maintain a perfectly healthy diet, especially with the marketing of so much “junk food” in all media?

If you’ll be nibbling on some sweets and meats this holiday season, be sure to follow up with a good cleanse! Rid your colon of waste that will, undoubtedly, build from your day(s) of eating. Try to regain a less acidic biological pH. Rejuvenate your body and give it a nice cleaning! Don’t let the bad stuff settle in.

The Benefits

A good individualised cleansing programme can:

  • Jump start a dietary or lifestyle change (including weight loss).
  • Give your body a break from irritating/allergenic foods.
  • Rejuvinates and detoxifies organs so they can function at their optimal.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Enhance energy performance.
  • Promote normal immune function, mental and emotional clarity.
  • Normalise digestive functions.

There are a number of individualised cleansing programmes put together by naturopathic physicians. Be sure to consult one before you jump into a cleanse to determine what type is best for you.

Can anyone do a cleanse?

Of course! Typically, everyone should do a cleanse. People start individualised cleanses for many reasons, the most common include:

  • weight loss
  • constipation and digestion problems
  • skin problems
  • asthma and allergies
  • fatigue
  • hormone imbalance
  • general wellness and prevention (even if you’re healthy!)

As for me, I’ll be doing a cleanse for general wellness. We’ve got tons of vegetables and fruits nested in our refridgerator, purchased yesterday in preparation for the weekend diet. I’ll be consuming a liquid diet for the next few days consisting of vegetable juice, blended fruit smoothies, coconut water and, of course, water. I tend to feel peckish during these liquid fasts, so I’ll be nibbling on some apples, grapes, cucumbers and maybe steam a little tofu. It’ll be a good weekend! I hope you all enjoy yours!